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The William Crookes Prize

We are pleased to announce that the William Crookes Prize 2014 has been awarded to Pascal Chabert (France) for his major contributions on the scientific topics covered by the ESCAMPIG.

Crookes Prize Lecture

Pascal Chabert (France)
"Living at the edge: fifteen years in RF sheaths"

The prize is co-sponsored by the European Physical Society and Plasma Sources Science and Technology (PSST).

Former winners:

Antoine Rousseau (Viana do Castelo 2012), for his major contributions on the coupling plasma-catalysis and its application to air treatment. 

Zoltan Donko (Novi Sad 2010): for his major contributions to the understanding of the effect of elementary processes on the properties of gas discharges and strongly coupled plasmas.

Richard van de Sanden (Granada 2008): for his major contributions to fundamental studies of expanding plasma jets and their use in plasma enhanced deposition and etching.